Reporting and Analytics.

Analyzing the past to optimize for the future.

Revenue and ROI gains are made by tracking, reporting, and analyzing results and finding opportunities to optimize and increase performance, which is why it’s a key element that helps drive the success of every revenue growth program.

Data insights that deliver results.

To gain the actionable insights needed to increase ROI and drive revenue gains for your company, in real-time, we capture, then report and analyze the results. The performance measures we track include detailed performance metrics on: campaigns, content, tactics, channels, technology integration points, lead management rules, conversion rates, funnel metrics and more.

Driving revenue growth.

Key Analytics and Reporting elements that fuel your revenue growth program include::

  • Working with certified experts who have the skills and proven experience planning, configuring, building, launching, reporting and optimizing integrated, technology-driven, data-driven programs.
  • At the outset, include Reporting and Analytics to your integrated revenue growth program.
  • Properly planning, configuring and integrating your technology stack.
  • Ensuring alignment with the goals of marketing, sales, and your leadership team.

Companies that don’t put data and analytics at the center of their marketing and sales decisions are missing out on a 15-20% increase in marketing ROI.


Reporting and Analytics solutions from BIG IDEA.

We start with your goals in mind, along with best practices, as we design and build Reporting & Analytics solutions. Substantial revenue and ROI gains are made by tracking, reporting, and analyzing results and finding opportunities to optimize and increase performance, which is why it’s a key element to the success of your Revenue Growth Program.

Facts fueling success.

At this stage, your team and BIG IDEA work closely together to implement tracking and reporting systems and measure and assess the results. As campaigns move forward we look at the data and find opportunities to optimize, and improve the points of conversion in your marketing and sales funnel.

Success is not an accident. Revenue growth comes when you pay attention to the details and use results data to increase performance.

The truth and profits are in the data.

The metrics we collect tells an ongoing and evolving fact-based story of your revenue ecosystem. From the very first step, we build tracking, measurement, reporting, and analysis into your revenue growth program.

Because we capture all key metrics, we are able to assess the facts about marketing and sales performance for every element of a given campaign or initiative. Using this data we’re able to optimize and continually improve performance to increase ROI results and grow revenues for your company.

No more guessing.  Data driven decisions.

All of our decisions, whether about strategy, audience targeting and segmentation, creative work, optimization, or technical choices, are guided by the data and insights revealed through a properly planned and managed Reporting & Analytics program.

Reporting and Analytics.

Some of the key metrics that we track:

  • Lead volume by funnel stage.
  • Lead volume by audience segment.
  • Conversion rates.
  • Cycle time.
  • Marketing spend by funnel stage.
  • Revenue impact on sales pipeline.
  • Closed won/lost rates by lead source.
  • Marketing creative performance.
  • Media channel performance.

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